Co-production through Collaborative Learning Groups 

During the workshops there are some short presentations, but the majority of the work is undertaken in the CIG groups supported by facilitators - with the emphasis on collaborative, co learning by a group of NHS, Local Authority and University Partners as a group (Knight and Pye, 2005). 

The CIG model is based on that of “participatory, action-based inquiry methods that have emerged as innovative ways of improving practice and developing new knowledge.  The process consists of repeated episodes of reflection and action through which a group of peers strives to create a meaningful project and answer a question of importance to them.  There are three parts to the definition: repeated episodes of reflection and action; the notion of a group of inquirers who are truly peers; and the inquiry question” (Brooks and Watkins, 1994; Watkins and Brooks, 1994). 

Through this cooperative and collaborative process the NHS, LA and university partners (the latter acting additionally as CIG facilitators) will be supporting each other both in the development of the Project Evaluations and the PPP Programme-level Synthesis.