Implementation is where thought moves to reality.

Where hard work needs to enter the phase of meeting front-line service provision and results/outcomes are considered for formal implementation by a wider team of colleagues and professionals.

To help support the decision-making process in your organisation we have devised an online template of simple questions to help tailor and map a strategy for decision implementation of your project – this is known as an Implementation Summary.




The Implementation Summary 

Each individual Implementation Summary has several key aims to:

-     Support teams to structure relevant information, in an accessible format, for all those making implementation decisions.

-    Ensure effective communication during the decision making process

-    Enlist and generate support for necessary changes and actions during implementation

The Implementation Summaries will be developed by CLAHRC partner research teams investigating interventions or services. The template is intended to support and record CLAHRC research teams’ discussions and comprehensive consideration of implications for implementation of their research.

We know CLAHRC research teams have extensive, expert knowledge about their research topics. The implementation support template uses a format from NICE ‘into practice’ guides for putting NICE guidance into practice. This approach intends to draw out and structure teams’ expertise. The process can also identify gaps in information and capacity and  guide actions to address such gaps. 

The Implementation Summary template also includes headings to record links with CLAHRC North West Coast themes and key considerations around the quality of evidence available.

Before completing the online template please read the supporting pages. Perhaps these will help generate ideas and tailor your Implementation Summary by considering the organisational needs and requirements of those making decisions about implementation, thereby increasing its appeal and impact.  

Guidance to completing the Implementation Summary Template

(Headings are based on the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence practice guides) 

Implementation Summary Online Template

(Please complete and submit. Feedback will be provided on your submission and the final version used as an active document to facilitate Implementation)

CLAHRC Implementation

(A mini guide)