Public Involvement in the PPP  

Whatever the activity, especially research or developing capacity to do research, it is essential to work with people who have first-hand experience of that topic. We think that when research could impact on the way something is delivered (for example a policy or health service), it is vital that people who could be affected have a chance to influence the research. When research is carried out with or by the public, it makes the research more relevant and useful to the people who can benefit from it and that because of this, it will have more impact. Our organisation embeds the involvement of public members/patients within every research project. Working with the public improves the transparency of the research process and accountability. That’s why public advisers working on Partner Priority Programme projects are involved at every level of the collaboration. Public Advisers don’t need any particular skills, training or qualifications. We’re interested in their views, opinions and personal experiences about the topics we’re working on.

We really value public engagement and it is our policy at CLAHRC NWC that Public Advisers should be adequately rewarded and no member of the public should be out of pocket as a result of contributing to our work. CLAHRC NWC will always make clear what payments, if any, will be offered when inviting public advisors to take part. It is then their choice whether or not to take part, and whether or not to accept any payment that is offered. The fees we offer are based on INVOLVE (an advisory group for public engagement and involvement in research) guidelines. However, we recognise that some volunteers may not wish to be paid for reasons of their own, and others may prefer to donate what is offered to a charity.

Sometimes other rewards may be offered to recognise the contribution that Public Advisers make to CLAHRC NWC work through, for example, joint authorship of reports, conference presentations and journal articles.  Additionally, a confidential service is available which offers personal advice and support on how receiving fees and expenses for public involvement might affect people in receipt of state benefits. Contact INVOLVE by email at or phone 02380 651088 for more information.