What is the Evaluation Workshop process?

The Evaluation Workshops bring together initiatives from across the CLAHRC NWC region where NHS and Local Authority Partners are developing new models of out of hospital treatments and care.  The aim is to enable you to develop and implement the Project-level Evaluation of your initiative, whilst also enabling a cross-CLAHRC analysis addressing the Partner’s Priority Programme (PPP) question of identifying which types of initiative in general are “most (cost) effective in reducing health inequalities, improving population health and wellbeing and reducing emergency admission” (Programme Evaluation) (see Figure 1). 

The overall goal is to enable Partners to develop capacity to embed the evaluation approach as an integral part of the change and transformation process.  In line with wider CLAHRC NWC goals, the PPP also emphasises the cross-cutting themes of health inequality and public and patient involvement.  The emphasis throughout the Evaluation Workshop process is on group work and co-learning through Collaborative Implementation Groups (CIGs). 

Timeline for workshops

  • The first four workshops are designed to cover all of the topics needed to support CIG members to develop their Evaluation Plans.  There are approximately 4 week time gaps between workshops for local action e.g. preparation for next workshop, CIG reflection etc. (approx. ½ day per week).
  • For the remainder of the time we will be supporting initiatives though the CIGs to implement their Project-level evaluations locally, with a workshop to support operationalising the Evaluation Plan, a review workshop to plan for subsequent communication and actioning of evaluation findings and a Dissemination Event.
  • Information from the Project-level Evaluations will also be used (with the information gathered from others) as the basis to formulate the Programme Evaluation.

Overarching Aims

By encouraging mixed teams of practitioners, commissioners, patients, public and researchers to work together, and by enhancing their skills, knowledge and expertise, the aims of the PPP Evaluation Workshops are to:

  • Develop capacity within CLAHRC NWC partners to embed evaluation of service transformation and new models of treatment and care.
  • Find, generate, analyse and use evidence and data to inform the evaluation process at both Project and Programme level.
  • Support teams to plan and implement an evaluation relevant to the PPP and a focus on tackling health inequality within the NWC.
  • Provide a practical and flexible approach to Partners’ learning and development requirements.
  • Develop a system of integrated learning organisations (culture change) linking together similar initiatives across the across the CLAHRC NWC region.