About us

The National Institute for Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care North West Coast (NIHR CLAHRC NWC).

The mission of the NIHR CLAHRC NWC is to work collaboratively with Partner organisations and other stakeholders including members of the public to co-produce and conduct high-quality, leadership enhancing, applied research designed to decrease health inequalities and improve the health of the population of the NW Coast. 

The CLAHRC NWC will create an environment to facilitate a step change towards a culture of co-production of research, engagement and capacity development across our partner organisations. This will contribute to reductions in health inequalities through improvements in public health and chronic disease management.


Through the use of our Health Inequalities Assessment Toolkit (HIAT)  all our activities will remain focused on work that has the potential to reduce health inequalities. We will ensure that all research and implementation activities consider their differential impacts across social groups.

We are a Collaboration.

We will support co-production through effective engagement of our Partners and stakeholders across all of our activities.

Our engagement strategy is inclusive.

We will support and encourage active partner and stakeholder involvement across all of our activities, aiming to build sustainable applied research and implementation capacity, to embed research, and support organisational excellence.

We will engage and involve the public, including patients, service users and carers, and members of communities of interest and place, across all of our work.

We are committed to achieving excellence.

Through peer review and co-production, we will ensure that all our research and implementation activity will be of excellent quality and relevant to our stakeholders. We will foster a culture of evaluation and reflection across all of our programmes. 

Our Steering Board and Host NHS Trust, Liverpool CCG, will: hold us to account for the quality and efficiency of our work and the processes to monitor them; co-determine our priorities and activities in line with our vision and bid document, including updates following periodic review. Our governance structures will ensure that resources are allocated transparently and in accordance with our strategy.

To ensure a legacy, CLAHRC NWC will develop capacity for applied research and implementation across the partnerships through co-production, training, bursaries, mentorship and other support.