Public Adviser Forum documents 

The Public Adviser Forum is made up of public advisers who are actively involved in CLAHRC NWC research, capacity building projects or other activities. The panel meets once a month to discuss and advise on public engagement. The full responsibilities of the Forum (formerly Public Reference Panel)  can be found in the public engagement policy.

As well as their initial work with CLAHRC NWC (often on a research project), every member of the public who works with CLAHRC NWC becomes an automatic member of the Forum. It’s up to individuals to decide which meetings, additional work or roles they would like to take on (if any).

Advisers will always be told what payment is being offered for any opportunity.

A number of positions are available for public advisers on the steering board, sub-committee and management team groups. Other examples of activities the Forum have been involved in include the recruitment of new staff, interviewing and presenting to PhD students and advising on topics such as the evaluation of public engagement, supporting involvement and the development of resources.

These documents explain the work of the Forum and expectations on its members.

-        Public adviser welcome pack

-        Code of conduct (amended)

-        Terms of reference (Adviser Forum)

-        Adviser Forum - Responsibilities and decision-making