Payment information

At CLAHRC NWC we are committed to the active involvement of members of the public in our work, and it is important to us that our own internal policies reflect this. Our payment rates follow INVOLVE guidelines and can be found in the payment policy.

We cover out of pocket expenses and, where appropriate, payments for time (for example when training).

These are some of the ways in which we can help ensure that people have an equal opportunity to participate in CLAHRC NWC activities and be acknowledged for any contribution to the work of CLAHRC NWC.

We also support public advisers to attend meetings in other ways, for example by paying for child care and carers fees or providing an interpreter where this is helpful. Information about the different ways we support advisers can be found in the payment policy and welcome pack.


-        Payment process for public advisers

-        Registration Process (flowchart) 

-        Payment Process (flowchart)  

-        Fee form

-        Expense form

-        Direct Bank Transfer Request Form