Liverpool Dementia & Ageing Research Forum

DATE OF VENUE: 13 Nov 2019

LOCATION: University of Liverpool, Sherington Bldg, Seminar Room 1 L69 3GE


Dementia is set to become one of the biggest global health challenges of our generation. Those of us who don’t develop dementia will probably end up caring for someone who does. The psychosocial and financial costs of dementia care have been well-documented in the mainstream media and psychological literature. However, not everyone is equally impacted by dementia. Some people seem to be protected from these negative effects. Others even thrive in the face of dementia. In this first Liverpool Dementia Public Seminar we will use psychological theory and real life case studies to ask: Why is it that some people cope better with dementia than others? What can we learn from these people? How can we translate lived experience into policy and practice?

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