Cancer screening research event heralded a success

An open-to-all half day workshop, which focused on public involvement in cancer screening and research, has been judged a huge success after an audience was inspired and informed about the pioneering work going on to reduce health inequalities across the North West Coast.

Research facilitated by CLAHRC NWC, including uptake of bowel cancer screening in Liverpool communities and the barriers to South Asian women in attending breast and cervical cancer screening across the UK, were showcased with project managers, researchers and public advisers explaining their involvement in these key pieces of work. Research being conducted for the Healthy Lung Programme was also presented.

Over 50 people gathered at Blackburne House in Liverpool City Centre to also hear about the social determinants of health and influences which shape health inequalities across North West communities.

Partners including Liverpool CCG, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust, NHS England and Liverpool Women’s Hospital were among a total of fifteen organisations which backed the event that also seen cancer survivors share their stories to stress the importance of screening.

Dr Katy Gardner, Macmillan GP at NHS Liverpool CCG and who works on the Liverpool Healthy Lung Programme said: “It was so great to hear the stories of the public advisors and how people are getting into the heart of the research done by CLAHRC NWC. I will be taking back to our group information about how they can be involved in research or act as public advisors to CLAHRC.”

Posters, information tables, interactive educational tools and networking opportunities were all available in between presentations.

Sue Povall, Co-ordinator for the Liverpool Cancer Inequalities Research Network, said:  “What struck me on the day from all of the powerful personal stories and presentations was just how complex it is to address health inequalities and specifically in this context, health inequalities for cancer screening.”

Naheed Tahir, a Public Adviser to CLAHRC NWC, outlined her role in the Bowel Cancer Screening work to highlight how public involvement has helped shape and influence how participants were approached. “This has been such a fantastic opportunity to inform people about how public involvement is working in research and demonstrate how we are given a real voice. Other people have come to chat to me today about joining as a public adviser as they have been made aware about our work. That is a very good outcome from today.”

A poignant presentation by Sam Lewis, from the charity “Sam’s Diamonds” was a strong reminder of the importance of cancer screening and patient involvement in clinical decision making. 

Pooja Saini, Knowledge Exchange Theme Research Manager for CLAHRC NWC said, “The energy at this event has been so positive. Collaboration with our partners and the third, sector organisations has paid dividends and we will be hosting more of these initiatives to ensure the public are given a chance to engage and see for themselves our research and its benefits in tackling health inequalities across communities.”

(Picture: Pooja Saini opens the event).  

More articles     Posted on: 24 October 2016