New animated film to help make informed decisions with breech births

A new educational film has been launched to help pregnant women learn more about breech birth so that they can make informed decisions about the options available.

The film ‘Breech’ is the brainchild of Dr Rebecca Say. Up to 4% of women in the UK experience breech birth at the end of pregnancy, where the baby is lying feet or bottom first, as opposed to the normal position which enables the baby to be born headfirst through the birth canal.

The aim of the animation – the first of its kind in the country – is to support women who are facing several choices, such as whether to allow an attempt at turning the baby in the womb; whether to elect for a Caesarean section or breech delivery.

Dr Say said: “Breech birth is a common problem that we see in ante-natal clinics every week and, therefore, there is a real need for a film such as this.
“The whole ethos of shared decision making in the NHS is that, in a situation when there are a number of treatment options available, we want patients to make decisions that are right for them and match their views and values.

“Our research showed that women were very interested in experiential accounts of breech births and spent a lot of time viewing online forums, but they were aware that people post horror stories on forums and they didn’t know how much to trust the information."

To ensure the film accurately represents the views of mums-to-be, Dr Say sought opinions of scores of women by carrying out interviews, workshops and observational work. The film will be part of a website designed to give educational and practical advice about breech presentation.

Dr Say added: “The website combines evidence-based information with practical information and women's experiences, which is what respondents in the study said they would value.”

You can view the new film here

More articles     Posted on: 03 July 2015