Pioneering vital signs monitor begins trial

A new wearable vital signs monitoring system is being trialled by St James’s University Hospital, Leeds.

The British-made SensiumVitals® system is based on a lightweight wireless patch with sensors which measure patients’ heart rate, respiration and temperature. The system takes vital signs readings every two minutes and sends the data wirelessly to hospital IT systems. If the readings exceed pre-set thresholds, alerts are issued to nurses on their handheld devices.

These early warnings enable staff to respond more quickly to deteriorations in a patient’s condition - improving patient safety, reducing the need for more expensive treatments and shortening hospital stays.

The trial is being led by Professor David Jayne, Professor of Surgery at St James’s, and will investigate the clinical benefits of the system, its health economic impact and the patients’ perspective.

SensiumVitals® is being deployed in two colorectal surgery wards focusing on post-operative patients – a vulnerable group at significant risk of deterioration. The trial involves approximately 100 patients and is expected to last six months.

You can read more about the trial

More articles     Posted on: 14 July 2015