CLAHRC NWC CURRENT Research Index (by Theme) 

Delivering Personalised Health and Care

Developing personalised renal function monitoring 

Implementation of genotype-guided dosing of warfarin for atrial fibrillation to improve anticoagulation control 

Examining the equity of personalised healthcare (PhD)

Point-of-care (POC) procalcitonin testing for personalised monitoring and decision-making in a paediatric outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy (pOPAT) service

Strategy to Improve Detection and Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions

Healthcare Utilisation (Household Health Survey) 

Evidence Synthesis Collaboration            

Considering the impact of health inequalities in evidence synthesis (PhD)

Realist Evaluation and synthesis to assess health inequalities (PhD)

A series of systematic reviews related to asthma treatment in children, examining the environmental, socioeconomic and pharmacogenomics associations between both efficacy and adverse effects for medications used in moderate to severe asthma.

The Role of Reading in Adult and Child Mental Health and Wellbeing: A Systematic Review

A systematic review on social, cultural and individual influences on the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of South Asian women regarding asymptomatic screening for female cancers

Improving Mental Health            

Improving access to support for perinatal women through peer facilitation: a feasibility study

TechCare : Mobile-AssessmenT and ThErapy for PsyCHosis: An intervention for Clients within the EArly InteRvention Service (PhD)

Mindful contact with nature: evaluating the effects of mindfulness and connection with nature on chronic stress and well-being in deprived areas (PhD)

Neighbourhood Health Survey (PhD) 

Pathways to inequalities in child mental health (PhD)

Development and effectiveness of maternity staff training to reduce trauma experienced by socioeconomically disadvantaged women during childbirth (PhD)

To investigate the effectiveness of Crewe Recovery College on improving mental health services in a deprived area.

Accelerating Delivery of Psychological Therapies after Stroke (ADOPTS)

A cross-sectional study of the role of rumination in the relationship of the socioeconomic environment and mental health 

Facilitate public led research into inequalities in mental health care

Improving Mental Health Analysis of CLAHRC NWC's Household Health Survey

Improving wellbeing and enhancing recovery in the context of psychosis and severe mood disorders amongst people living in disadvantaged socioeconomic circumstances: the role of neighbourhood resilience and improved support 


Improving Mental Health & Improving Public Health & Managing Complex Needs

Neighbourhoods for Learning (NsfL) Integrated Longitudinal Research Resource 

Exploring the Role of Horticulture in Promoting mental wellbeing and delivering a rehabilitative culture in North West prisons (PhD)

Improving Public Health              

The role of young people in public services supporting youth health and wider wellbeing in North West city neighbourhoods: an analysis and interpretation using systems concepts (PhD)

Increasing resilience in disadvantaged neighbourhoods: A series of mixed evidence realist informed reviews 

Investigating the evidence of, and causes, behind greater socio-economic related health inequalities on the UK coast (PhD)

Youth Employment Gateway Programme (YEG) - participants' experiences of the programme 

Knowledge Exchange and Effective Implementation       

Exploring factors affecting the diets and infant feeding practices of pregnant and post-partum women in NW England (PhD)  

A systematic review on social, cultural and individual influences on the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of South Asian women regarding asymptomatic screening for female cancers


Managing Complex Needs          

Patient reported experience of a seizure care pathway

To explore the impact of the Patient Concerns Inventory in the healthcare of head and neck cancer patients across the socio-economic gradient

Improving access and coordination of care for adults presenting to emergency care with seizures: Care Pathway for Seizures (CAPS)

Transitional Care for Young Adults with Long Term Conditions

Interventions for adults with intellectual disabilities who are obese (PhD)

Natural history of visual impairment in stroke

Outcomes of Day Care for people with chronic life limiting conditions – a community embedded approach (PhD) 

Communication, perception and response to cancer awareness messages: A linguistic evaluation of cancer campaigns 

Health Inequalities, socioeconomic status and physcial activity. What are the real and perceived barriers to a physically active lifestyle? (PhD)

Socio-economic factors affecting TB diagnosis in Central Lancashire 

The effectiveness and efficiency of the clinical pathway for individuals with Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness (PDoC) as a result of an acquired brain injury from inpatient treatment to rehabilitation in a community setting.

Assessment and management of stroke patients in pre-hospital environment.

Identify the most effective primary care management of frozen shoulder 

Qualitative research into who does not complete TB treatment and why? What can be done to help support people through their TB treatment? 

The 'unintended consequence' of weight loss surgery - developing strategies to help address inequality in the poorest of society undergoing bariatric surgery

Managing Complex Needs & Delivering Personalised Medicine and Care

Measuring inequalities in the access and utilization of genetic and genomic services to across the North West Coast (PhD)