Improving Mental Health

Our focus in this area is to understand and reduce the burden of mental ill health and wellbeing by delivering effective interventions involving the NHS, local authorities and the third sector.

We will evaluate a range of community-based mental health interventions for NW Coast residents including those with common psychiatric disorders, people suffering from the psychological consequences of stroke; people misusing alcohol; women with perinatal mental health problems; and people with mental illness living in the community.

Ultimately we will implement new community-based interventions, developed on the basis of our earlier study and evaluation projects, with a view to reducing mental health inequalities.

These interventions will be targeted at geographical areas with poor mental wellbeing and will include anti-stigma campaigns, and educational interventions aimed at primary health staff.

Current Research of this Theme

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News Story

Are You Tough Enough? Read how we are exploring the relationship between mental toughness and resilience.  


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BITES (Brokering Innovation through Evidence) 

Perinatal Access to Resources and Support (PEARS)