1. Raising Awareness

Awareness and knowledge of what needs to change and why, are vital first steps in enabling change to occur. So, how can awareness of your project be raised?

This section is designed to identify the channels available to you to help disseminate your project.

Which channels are available or could be developed?

  • Use internal communications such as newsletters, team briefings or intranet pages
  • Contact your internal communications / press office to help write articles for internal communications or consider a press release for external use
  • What regular meetings in your organisation can you identify to present at within your organisation? This could be clinical or managerial and at departmental or a higher level.  
  • What role could social media play?
  • What regional network meetings could the outcomes be presented at?
  • Can you use a Poster for circulation around the area where implementation would be effective?
  • Leaflets? A stall at an internal event?
  • Writing a blog?
  • Is it worth devising a questionnaire to assess potential reaction to your change to gain further evidence?
  • Use of a BITE?
  • You will need to consider different communication channels for audiences inside your organisation to those outside of it.  

Some ideas may also be gained from the following examples

Case Study: A Campaign to Raise Awareness of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) in Lancashire.

What things could be implemented within practice straight away?

Are there any tips you can integrate into practice as a “quick win” straight away from your research or evaluation. If these can be identified are there professional forums at which they can be flagged up?

Make a note of these to add to the template when it comes to completion.