How we engage

NHS, Local Authorities and academic Partners and public volunteers will have formal positions on the CLAHRC NWC Steering Board and the CLAHRC NWC Management Team.



CLAHRC NWC Public Reference Panel

Strategic oversight of our public engagement policy will be the responsibility of a Public Reference Panel (PRP) comprising public volunteers engaged across the CLAHRC NWC. Once established the PRP will review the remit but it is likely to include:

  • Advising on all aspects of the work of the CLAHRC NWC
  • Monitoring our performance in delivering public engagement and supporting public volunteers into leadership roles
  • Electing and supporting public members of the CLAHRC NWC Steering Board, Management Team and other strategic structures
  • Advising on recruitment of public volunteers to CLAHRC NWC activities
  • Identifying potential questions for evidence reviews, applied research or implementation activities
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of the CLAHRC NWC Public Engagement Champions Programme


CLAHRC NWC NHS and Local Authority Partners Panel

NHS and LA Partners will be asked to identify an Engagement Lead to join a CLAHRC NWC Partners Panel. CLAHRC NWC Partners Engagement Leads will:

  • Negotiate and monitor the use of Partners matched funding
  • Advise the CLAHRC NWC Steering Board and Management Team on a strategy for engaging with their sector
  • Provide a route into Partner organisations for communication and dissemination about the work of CLAHRC NWC
  • Be a point of contact for staff in their organisation interested in linking to the CLAHRC NWC with potential ideas for applied research and/or implementation activities
  • Act a point of contact within their organisation for CLAHRC NWC staff to identify people who might be interested in specific pieces of work.


Engagement in programmes and specific pieces of work

The teams managing our Themes will include representatives from relevant Partner organisations.  They will also recruit public volunteers or develop alternative ways of actively engaging the public in the management of their Themes.

All our applied research projects and other activities will be co-produced by academics, relevant representatives from Partner organisations and public volunteers.