How we engage

NHS, Local Authorities, academic partners and public advisers have formal positions on the CLAHRC NWC Steering Board and the CLAHRC NWC Management Team.



CLAHRC NWC Public Adviser Forum 

The forum is open to all advisers (150). The format of meetings change to ensure that the sub-groups are accountable to the wider Forum. They report back on their activities regularly to the Forum and receive issues and ‘recommendations’ from the Forum to be taken up in the sub-group’s work.

Report and feedback sessions from the sub-groups are a standing item on all Advisor Forum meetings.

Three sub groups exist to take forward the work of public engagement:

  • Communications, dissemination and implementation
  • Adviser experience and skill development
  • Strategic Governance

Membership of the sub-groups are refreshed and all advisers are invited to express an interest in sitting on one of the groups on a cyclical basis. 


CLAHRC NWC NHS and Local Authority (LA) Partners Panel

NHS and LA Partners are regularly engaged through a Partners Forum, Open Days and the CLAHRC NWC Steering Board.

A Newsletter is produced monthly and quarterly. 


Engagement in programmes and specific pieces of work

The teams managing our Themes nclude representatives from relevant Partner organisations.  They also recruit public volunteers or develop alternative ways of actively engaging the public in the management of their Themes.

All our applied research projects and other activities are co-produced by academics, relevant representatives from Partner organisations and public volunteers. 

We host Open Days to engage with Partners and other Stakeholders of CLAHRC NWC.