Advisers share their experiences

CLAHRC NWC Public Advisers Naheed Tahir and Saiqa Ahmed presented their PPI work at an event at the University of Liverpool,  in which the benefit of Patient and Public Involvement in Evidence Synthesis (and general research) was outlined through real life case studies.

Both outlined their passion for wanting to be part of research and delivered a stimulating session for the audience, composed of researchers and respresentatives from North West Universities

The projects Naheed and Saiqa (pictured) worked on included: 
A systematic review of barriers and enablers to South Asian women’s attendance for asymptomatic screening of breast and cervical cancers
The effectiveness of multidisciplinary teams in increasing integration of care to reduce hospital activity, improve health and wellbeing and decrease health inequalities (an umbrella review)
Both explained how they had been welcomed into research teams and felt they were making a valuable contribution by being able to offer insight into recruitment of participants from hard to reach communities. Making a difference in health inequalities for communities was their own key aim and motivation. 
Also outlined was the skills and confidence gained through tasks such as co-authoring an academic paper and working with professional clinical staff from partners on research. 

The event was a useful insight for researchers in the room, some of whom had not involved patients or public in their work to date and suggested they did now see the value. 
Working on the cancer projects has enabled them to present at conferences and particpate in  dissemination work post publication, which they were both also proud of. 

More articles     Posted on: 20 December 2018