Evidence based commissioning to address health inequalities

To enable commissioners to tackle health inequalities through evidence based commissioning, CLAHRC NWC is seeking to develop a two day continuous professional development (CPD) programme. This half-day workshop provides participants with an opportunity to shape the design of the programme whilst also learning more about evidence based commissioning and health inequalities.

The workshop is interactive and has been designed to allow commissioners to share and discuss their ideas and questions with the facilitators and with each other. It takes place on May 14 at Leyland Hotel, Leyland.

The facilitators are Professor Rumona Dickson, Kirsty Pine, Amanda Nicholson and Lesley Harper. Professor Rumona Dickson is an expert in evidence synthesis for health care; Amanda Nicholson has expertise in epidemiology - investigating the social determinants of health and conducting systematic reviews - evaluating the effectiveness of health care interventions. Kirsty Pine is employed by Liverpool CCG and has 15 years of experience in NHS Research and Development and Lesley Harper brings expertise in the design and delivery of professional development.

For more information or a programme, please contact Gareth Jones on g.a.jones@liverpool.ac.uk.

More articles     Posted on: 04 March 2015