Galligreaves Estate clean-up morning

Residents of Galligreaves Estate from Mill Hill led a community clean up in the area on Saturday 19th May focusing on Shakespeare Way, Hancock Street and Stansfeld Street.

The clean-up was triggered as part of a research project, The Neighbourhood Resilience Programme, being managed by the Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care in the North West Coast area of England (CLAHRC NWC), at Lancaster University.

Residents involved in the programme are known as ‘Resident advisors’ and they have been working with partners and stakeholders in the area who include Blackburn with Darwen Council and BwD Healthy Living to help shape what happens in the programme and plan actions.  They started by collecting information from other residents in the area about what kind of things needed to happen. Litter and housing problems were some of the issues that residents highlighted. The advisors found out that the council has a community clean-up initiative called ‘your community your call’ which supports residents to help improve local areas.

Koser Khan, Research Associate, from Lancaster University said: “Bringing together partners in communities such as the local council, residents and other statutory bodies for co-production can really make an impact.

“Our research project seeks to identify, implement and evaluate local initiatives aimed at enhancing ‘system resilience’ to improve social determinants of population health in communities and contribute to reducing health inequalities.”

One local resident said: “It’s really nice that we have started this clean up; we have to start somewhere to tidy this area up”

Residents are also hoping the event will be the beginning of bringing people together to make positive changes in their local area.

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