Haslingden residents draw attention to poor transport links and wellbeing

Residents of Haslingden have teamed up with local animators and a researcher from Lancaster University to highlight transport issues faced by residents in Worsley as well as possible solutions.   

The short animation has been made as part of an innovative research project called The Neighbourhood Resilience Programme, funded by the National Institute for Health Research, managed by a team at the University.

The aim of the programme is to reduce health inequalities and improve public health through targeted action to build resilience in communities.

Local residents conducted interviews and focus groups and helped devise and develop the script for the 4 minute production produced by Lancashire-based Huckleberry films.

The findings illustrate how limited routes and services are impacting health inequalities, residents reported issues traveling for leisure, work and hospital appointments.  

One resident comments in the animation:  “The whole day can be taken up by negotiating bus routes and times to get to appointments and this has contributed towards some being missed altogether.”

Another resident highlights the impact on their mental health: “Folk singing is helping my recovery from depression, yet I have had to stop going as there is no bus home in the evening.” 

The animation also identifies some possible solutions and ideas and calls for collaborative action from services providers, employers and local communities.

This is the second creative output from residents who last year shone a spotlight on 'social isolation' in Haslingden, and produced a book to convey local experiences and access to facilities.

Koser Khan, Research Associate at Lancaster University, said “Access to transport was identified as a big issue impacting on the Haslingden community when we initially started our research. Transport is really important for connecting communities and supporting well-being.” 

The animation was launched on the 25th of June and shared with key stakeholders who included representatives from transport services, NHS, local authorities and community groups.

Attendees participated in roundtable discussions on how some of the issues presented could be addressed and who might need to be involved, including writing an individual pledge of how they could support the work going forward.

The animation will now be used to share findings more widely and support residents and stakeholders to work together  on how some of the ideas discussed can be developed.

Cllr Jackie Oakes, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Regeneration Rossendale Borough Council, said: “Local resident advisors have worked really hard to get a representative view of transport issues in Haslingden. We value all the work that has been put into the amination and it will be used to influence those that deliver transport services in the area, as well as future bids to bring funding into Haslingden Town Centre.’

The animation is available to view on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDX5YtTM-sE

More articles     Posted on: 22 July 2019