Improving Mental Health: Public Led Research grant application

Improving the experience of standard psychiatric consultations by considering health inequalities 

Following three ‘Have your say’ events involving 33 service users and members of the public, a project was developed around increasing the understanding between mental health services users and mental health professionals to reduce stigma and improvement in quality of care.  A motivation behind the project is the belief that fully including the public will lead to benefits to the individual and to health and social care services.  A number of Public Advisors were subsequently involved in the development, writing up and submission of a Research for Patient Benefit application to the National Institute for Health Research earlier this month. 

The project aims to put service users and the public at the heart of the research designed to improve psychiatric consultations across the UK and would comprise of three overlapping stages: evidence synthesis; case studies; and a Delphi exercise.  The final outcome to be a set of guidelines to guide the implementation of best practice within psychiatric consultations and in the wider administration and policy at institutional level.

The team received a grant from Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group to facilitate the work.  This application was co-produced with University of Central Lancashire, University of Liverpool and Public Advisors.   

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all participants in the Have Your Say events and those Public Advisers involved in the development of the final application.

More articles     Posted on: 20 August 2018