Interns shine at showcase event

Participants in the third CLAHRC NWC Partner Priority Programme (PPP) got the opportunity to promote their research in a PPP showcase event enabling dissemination of their work at Haydock in July.

Fourteen Interns presented on subjects as diverse as food and drink strategies for patients, managing geriatric patients in Accident and Emergency Departments and building an Integrated Asthma Service.

Each Intern was requested to produce a poster of their work during the PPP and pitch their findings in a short presentation and then face questions form an audience made up of public advisers, peers from neighbouring healthcare/local authorities and academic staff.

Liz Waters, a Macmillan Dietitian at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, said: “Being involved in the PPP sparked my awareness of what the patient menu looked like before what the types of food went on it. I have come up with recommendations which I will circulate to colleagues to raise awareness of them as since 2014 all NHS hospitals should have and maintain a food and drink strategy, encompassing all the aspects of care provided by hospitals.” View Liz’s Poster here.

Stephanie MacGlashan, Matron for Quality at North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Trust (NWBH), said: I gained a huge amount from my experience of working with the CLAHRC in producing an Implementation plan and then embedding it into practice. My project aimed to provide evidence of clinicians using a person centred approach to care in two physical health services within NWBH. View Stephanie’s Poster here.

“By the end of December 2019, we will have implemented the Patient Activation Measure across a sample of teams and evaluated its impact on patient outcomes and development of personalised care plans.  By the end of March 2020, we will have identified potential areas for spread of use of the Patient Activation Measure and developed a plan for wider spread and sustainability”

Professor Mark Gabbay, Director of CLAHRC NWC, said: “I have been tremendously impressed today by the enthusiasm and energy demonstrate din the outcomes of PPP 3. It is fantastic to see the innovation across our Partners being disseminated today and shared with others. Regionally we are now witnessing our work tackling health inequalities. We have planted seeds for structured implementation of new evidence and I want the interns to go back to their organisations to build an approach to improving quality and be better prepared for the challenges we face locally in health and social care.” 

Jane Tomlinson Wightman, Lead Midwife Safe Active Birth (SAB) at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, focused on the Provision of a Reflexology service for Women with Anxiety and Complex Pregnancies. She said: My project is ongoing but this experience has been fantastic. Getting the right person centred care is so beneficial to our patients. Personalised care can help reduce epidurals, the woman’s voice is strong and they want this. Now I need to build a team around this and the next phase is data collection from women in the next stage of my PPP project.” View Jane’s Poster here.

The day also proved a fitting tribute to the efforts and work of Dr Ruth Young, who was Deputy Director of the Knowledge Exchange & Implementation Theme and Lead for the Partners Priority Programme, and who sadly passed away in December 2018.

Prizes were given for best poster and best presentation.

All of the posters from the day are available here.

Picture caption: 

William Wareing, a Consultant of Geriatric Medicine at Countess of Chester Hospital presents his work: “Emergency Geriatrics: Improving the care and experiences of older people within the Emergency Department.”

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