Making an Impact Case Study - Learning in a Recovery College

CLAHRC NWC provided a unique opportunity for Leanne Harper, Assistant Psychologist at Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, to become a Research Intern and carry out her proposed research "Why make the effort? Exploring recovery college engagement ".    

As part of its Partner Priority Programme, Partners of CLAHRC NWC can benefit by nominating staff for Internship opportunities, whereby participants gain valuable skills in areas such as evaluation techniques, research methods, publishing research, learning analytical skills and are supported by top academics at North West universities. In this instance, Leanne was supported by the University of Central Lancashire.

Leanne was keen to explore students’ perceptions of learning in a recovery college, and if this relates to their perceived mental health ‘recovery’.

Read about her journey and the response of Cheshire and Wirral Partnership in helping implement her findings via the Case Study. 

Pictured is Leanne Harper

More articles     Posted on: 30 May 2018