Mental Health Carers Workshop: The Way Forward

On Tuesday 9th July carers, service users, clinicians, charity members and chairs, academics and CLAHRC public advisors came together to discuss how we can make change happen for Mental Health Carers.

In the morning, presentations featured a range of experts who outlined innovative approaches from different areas, which aimed to inspire the afternoon interactive discussion workshops. Presentations included: outcomes from 2018/2019 early intervention services national audit, experiences of carers and service users, the NHS vision for community mental health, how Rethink can change the experience of carers, a review of the Triangle or Care, the Secure Cares Toolkit and dissemination of REACT (

The afternoon involved discussion workshops with attendees breaking out into smaller groups to discuss different ways to make change happen.  After the discussion workshops, there was a panel made up of some of our morning speakers, who took questions from the room and Twitter. We finished the day by asking the audience and speakers to make pledges on what action they would take after the event.

We asked attendees for feedback on the day, and what they were thinking about doing following the event……

‘Reflecting on this conference in a productive way, sharing information as necessary.’

‘Appreciate myself more! Giving myself more self-respect. A carer and proud.’

‘Great to see people who want change coming together. Where there is a will there is a way.’

The event programme, summary report of the day, and the recordings of our speaker presentations are available here


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