Pathways to tackling health inequalities EVENTS

An important part of our work through CLAHRC NWC is to organise events to spread and share knowledge and innovative, exciting practices which are helping to improve services, public policy and community health.

Over the next eight months, you have the opportunity to come along to one (or more, don’t be shy!) of our Learning Exchange Event series where our Public Health Theme will be discussing outcomes and lessons taken from the Neighbourhood Resilience Programme work on and its links with improving living environment, governance, economic resilience and social connectedness.

The series of events will share the NRP’s own findings, but will also showcase real, on-the-ground examples of effective action taken at a local level to tackle health inequalities. In particular, the series will provide an opportunity to discuss inspiring approaches to collaboration at a systems level in order to have a positive impact on people’s lives.Each event will focus on a different area of work the NRP has been involved in.

Have a look at the list below, and come along to either see how other people are thinking about an area you’re passionate  about, or to hear about a project which, although you hadn’t considered it before, might have implications in your own neighbourhood and might help you to create systems links to increase resilience in your community.


PDF (one page) of Events / Flyer

If you work for a Local Authority, an NHS organisation, or third or public sector agency, if you are a researcher, involved with an activist group or you are interested in linking issues of social determinants of health and justice, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity to join one or more of these free, open sessions! Contact Hannah Chadburn ( to book your space. And who knows….. we’ll probably feed you too!

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