Students immerse themselves in virtual reality pitch

CLAHRC NWC PhD Student Steph Heys teamed up with the Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) to drive forward plans for marketing a key output from her research which has been looking at reducing traumatic birth experiences of disadvantaged women.  
Steph has developed  a tailored educational programme for midwives through virtual reality technologies (VRT). Working with actors and academics, a short reality-based scenario was filmed that reflected the key underpinning factors that create situations of trauma. The utilisation of VRT as a medium to play the films will provide a blended learning experience that immerses the user (i.e. maternity professional) into a first person perspective during simulated scenarios. It is intended that the innovative VRT based tailored educational programme will reconnect midwives with the human aspect of caring through an exploration of interpersonal relationships and awareness of factors associated with birth trauma, thereby providing a medium for effective knowledge translation.

Steph (first left) and the Panel

It was the job of the UCLan Marketing and Journalism students to devise a Marketing and PR Strategy for Steph’s VRT initiative, to roll out the tool.

Steph said: “I devised a module assessment paper which was an Agency Brief for the students to work with and the ideas, including costings and branding they have presented, has been fantastic. I have had interest from a dozen or so hospitals since it was trialled so these are exciting times.”

A panel of five marked the students’ presentations and all those groups who pitched will also complete an essay containing the full outline of the proposed Marketing Strategy. Marks for the essay and presentation will be combined and contribute towards each individual student’s final overall module grading.

Implementing virtual reality in healthcare has a great deal of potential and healthcare innovators and providers are increasingly tapping into this resource to improve patient care.

The full title of Steph’s PhD is Reducing traumatic birth experiences for disadvantaged women through improved awareness, attitudes, behaviours and practices among maternity professionals: A study to assess the feasibility and acceptability of developing and using a tailored educational programme.

More articles     Posted on: 20 December 2018