System approach - Pathways to tackling housing challenges - Learning Exchange One

Over 30 people attended the first Learning Exchange held on 27th November in the spectacular surroundings of the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. Participants offered their insights and experience of local projects demonstrating how working with local systems to tackle broader social issues such as housing could provide solutions that positively impact wellbeing. Contributions from housing association partners and local residents within CLAHRC set the scene for showcasing the types of work that the Public Health theme has embarked on. In addition, a number of agencies outside the programme provided examples of other local action that had been effective in tackling the issue of housing. A number of attendees commented that the event had provided a valuable opportunity for sharing knowledge across the North West, opening up a discussion about how a system wide collaborative approach to such issues can reduce health inequalities. 

‘It was heartening to hear the presentation by the Stockbridge Village group and the excellent results that they have achieved’
‘ I leave with optimism that partners are committed to working with residents towards new approaches and solutions to perennial social issues’
*A key part of our work in CLAHRC is to co-produce events to spread and share knowledge and learning which can support improvement in services, policies and health.
Over the next 9 months the CLAHRC Public Health team in collaboration with a number of its local system partners including residents will be discussing outcomes and lessons taken from the Neighbourhood Resilience Programme and its links to improving the living environment, governance, economic resiliencies and social connectedness. We are calling these meetings – Learning Exchanges.

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