Undertaking an Evidence Review to Inform Practice?

Are you considering undertaking a review of the available evidence in order to inform your professional practice?   






How to Develop Your Review Question

Wednesday, 3rd February

9.30 am – 1.45 pm

World of Glass – St Helens


Finding Evidence: Informing Practice

Thursday, 17th March

9.45 am – 4.00 pm

University of Liverpool

This suite of two interactive workshops has been designed for NHS and local authority health care, social care and public health practitioners who are at the beginning stages of planning a search for evidence that will help to inform their practice.   
You will need to bring to both workshops a question of your own, about a practice issue, which will be the focus of your own evidence review.  To help you to think about formulating your own question, we have provided two examples here: ‘What is the best way to encourage young children to be active?’ ‘What is the best approach to decrease childhood obesity?’  
Facilitators:  Professor Rumona Dickson is a leading expert in evidence synthesis for health care and has over 20 years of experience of supporting practitioners to review evidence in order to inform care delivery. Michelle Maden has extensive expertise in designing and undertaking literature searches for systematic reviews and has co-authored several published systematic reviews. Eleanor Kotas is an expert in literature searching.  
Register for a place:
The workshop is limited to 20 people and priority is given to CLAHRC NWC Partners, Interns and PhD students who work within health, social care and public health within the North West Coast. 
To book your place on either or both workshops, please click here to go to our online store.  

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