(pictured is CLAHRC NWC PhD student Nadeem Gire and his Research and Innovation Award 2015). 

Our PhD students and their projects:

Student Theme PhD Research Project
Sarah Allen Managing Complex Needs Influence of the Patient Concerns Inventory in the healthcare of head and neck cancer patients across the socio-economic gradient 
Angelos Bekogiannis Managing Complex Needs  Communication, perception and response to cancer awareness messages: a linguistic evaluation of cancer campaigns
Alison Doherty Managing Complex Needs  Obesity and weight management interventions: a health inequalities issue for adults with intellectual disabilities
Kerry Hanna  Managing Complex Needs  Natural history of visual impairment in stroke 
Rosemary Lyne Managing Complex Needs  Health inequalities, socioeconomic status and physical activity. what are the real and perceived barriers to a physically active lifestyle?
Cath Lunt Managing Complex Needs Outcomes of day care for people with chronic life limiting conditions - a community embedded approach
Leanne Male  Managing Complex Needs  Care after presenting with seizures (CAPS)
Jeniffer Mithoo Managing Complex Needs  Socioeconomic factors affecting TB diagnoses in Central Lancashire 
Sikhanyisiwe Nhamburo  Managing Complex Needs  Measuring inequalities in the access and utilization of genetic and genomic services to across the North West Coast
Anam Elahi Improving Mental Health   Neighbourhood Health Survey
Nadeem Gire Improving Mental Health    TechCare: Mobile Assessment and Therapy for Psychosis: An Intervention for Clients in the Early Intervention Service  
Stephanie Heys Improving Mental Health    Development and effectiveness of maternity staff training to reduce trauma experienced by socioeconomically disadvantaged women during childbirth
Katerina Panagaki Improving Mental Health   A cross-sectional study of the role of rumination in the relationship of the socioeconomic environment and mental health
Callum Rutherford  Improving Mental Health  Pathways to inequalities in child mental health
Florence Seymour Improving Mental Health  Exploring the role of horticulture in promoting mental wellbeing and delivering a rehabilitative culture in North West prisons   
Emillia Trapasso  Improving Mental Health  Mindful contact with nature : evaluating the effects of mindfulness and connection with nature on chronic stress and well-being in deprived areas.
Michelle Maden  Evidence Synthesis

Consideration of health inequalities in systematic reviews: a mapping review of guidance

Naoimh McMahon  Evidence Synthesis   Realist evaluation and synthesis to assess health inequalities
Ahmed Al-Naher  Delivering Personalised Health and Care   The PERMIT Project (Personalised Renal Monitoring via Information Technology) 
Antony Martin  Delivering Personalised Health and Care   Examining the equity of personalised healthcare
Jack Higgins  Improving Public Health  Investigating the evidence of, and causes, behind greater socio-economic related health inequalities on the UK coast
Sara Southall  Improving Public Health  The role of young people in public services supporting youth health and wider wellbeing in NW City neighbourhoods : an analysis and interpretation using systems concepts. 
Heather Ohly   Knowledge Exchange  Exploring factors affecting the diets and infant feeding practices of pregnant and post-partum women in NW England