What is the COREN?

The purpose of the Community Research and Engagement Network (CoReN) is to engage residents of the Neighbourhoods for Learning (NsfL) in the work of the CLAHRC NWC. This engagement will create employment related skills and paid work opportunities for some residents.

With modest funding from the National Institute for Health Research, Each Local Authority working with CLAHRC NWC selected a local community organisation in each NfL to recruit and support a group of around 10 local community activists or champions to:

–       Engage a wider group of residents through local engagement events and other activities.

–       Contribute to the evaluation of the resilience programme.

–       Across the 10 NsfL there will be 100 or more community activists in the Community Research and Engagement Network – we will provide opportunities for them to meet and share learning across the NW coast

  • CLAHRC community activists will receive training in engagement methods.  Those that are interested and potentially other residents will also receive training in appropriate research methods.
  • Expenses and INVOLVE fees will be paid for contributions to engagement and research activities. However, we recognise that some volunteers may not wish to be paid for reasons of their own, and others may prefer to donate what is offered to a charity (more information in the CLAHRC NWC Public Advisers welcome pack).

Why we need COREN?

There are many well-meaning initiatives going on in the North West Coast. But these do not always work as well as they could. Context matters: something that works in one place may not work in another. However, spending time to understand the community and listening to residents is time consuming and often a “one-size-fits-all” approach is used. In these circumstances it is more likely that the initiative will fail to meet residents’ needs.

With all the cuts going on and, given the fact that good work is already taking place, COREN Community Network is a great opportunity to make a real difference. Achieving this need us to work together to: (a) understand what is happening in the Neighbourhood, (b) use what we already have, (c) act together around improving the Neighbourhood, (d) apply what researchers have shown to work.

What a COREN Community Network is not

- A neighborhood association/club/crime watch

- A project/activity generator

- A funding body

What is the COREN local agency?

The COREN local agency is a local organisation from the public or third sector. It was selected by Local Authorities on the basis of their capacity to champion the program and engage residents. 

The CoReN Local Agency will deliver the following core activities:

- Appoint a part time local facilitator for the CoReN

- Recruit and support residents to engage with the resilience programme and to operate as CLAHRC Champions in their neighbourhoods;

 - Sustain the engagement or interest of residents. 

Our COREN local agencies are:

Local Authority

COREN local agency

Contact details

Blackburn with Darwen



Blackpool BC

Claremont First Steps



Cheshire West and Chester






Halton BC



Knowsley BC



Lancashire CC 1



Lancashire CC 2



Liverpool CC

Liverpool CVS



Sefton BC





· Who is the COREN Manager?

Paula Wheeler

· Monies allocated to the COREN organisation

The general contract is for £7500 each year, until the end of the contract December 18. This amount is nominally divided - £4500 for the COREN facilitator and £3000 to cover other costs, events, recruitment, overheads etc.

The funding will be paid quarterly in advance and so you can invoice (£1875) for the first quarter Jan-March 2016.

The set-up costs are different and a one-off sum. We need a separate invoice for that – max of £500.

 The invoices need to be clearly titled: NIHR CLAHRC NWC Community Research and Engagement Network. The wording in the invoices just states either ‘one-off start-up grant’ or ‘quarterly costs incurred’.