Institutional Stakeholders

· What is an institutional stakeholder?

Institutional stakeholders are formal organisations such as local authorities, NHS organisations, universities, businesses, etc.

· What is the expectation of partners who join the Local Oversight Group in terms of contribution and time commitment?  

Each stakeholder contributes with time, experience and knowledge only. No funding, infrastructure or materials are requested.

We recognise that resources are scarce and that obligations are multiple and pressing. Although the CLAHRC NWC aspires to minimise the time that stakeholders spend on the resilience programme, some degree of ‘time giving’ is required.  

Time commitment is flexible and there is not a set number of hours allocated.  It may vary depending on each of the ‘Neighbourhood for Learning’ circumstances and the ‘tweaks’ under consideration. It is up to the LOG to agree:

- How many times to meet;

- How to operate to achieve results efficiently;

- How frequently review progress;

It may be a good idea to develop a partnership agreement earlier on for outlining the commitments and any points agreed by stakeholders (click here for a template)

· I fit the description of institutional stakeholders and am interested but I cannot commit to be part of the LOG, can I still be involved?

Yes. Institutional stakeholders might not want to be part of the LOG but still might want to be involved in some ways. For instance, you can still have a key role in snowballing information, attending one-time activities or just staying in the loop with everything that is happening. Just send us an email with your full name, home address, postcode and contact information under the subject heading “want to stay in the loop”. Let us know if you want us to contact you by email, snail mail or msm. Alternatively, you can visit your local COREN agency and let the facilitator know that you are interested. You can unsubscribe at any time.