Organising Your Neighbourhood for Learning 


The local oversight group (LOG) is a group that may include:

- Community residents;

- The COREN local organisation;

- Local authorities staff;

- Professionals from the public and third sector;

- The Neighbourhood for Learning Lead who is a university researcher;

· The name of LOCAL OVERSIGHT GROUP is complicated, can I change it?

Yes, you can. Remember to engage residents and institutional stakeholders when agreeing a new name.

· How does the LOCAL OVERSIGHT GROUP work?

Each ‘Neighbourhood for Learning’ determines how the Local Oversight would work best.  But an example of LOG work could be like this:

- LOG members know each other;

- Talk about what is happening in the ‘Neighbourhood for Learning’;

- Discuss how the COREN can strengthen any existing activity or policy to improve systems resilience?

- Plan a small action to ‘fine-tune’ the existing activity, by drawing on residents’ expertise and knowledge and what researchers have identified as working from evidence reviews. (In some cases, the improvement of an existing activity may trigger changes to improve other initiatives.)

· Clarifying three words: the COREN is not the same thing as the COREN local agency and the LOG.

That is right. They are three different things.

COREN stands for Community Research and Engagement Network (CoReN). It aims to engage residents of the 10 Neighbourhoods for Learning (NsfL) in the work of the CLAHRC NWC. COREN does not belong to a specific ‘Neighbourhood for Learning’ but works across the NW Coast area covered by CLAHRC.

The COREN local agency is a local organisation from the public or third sector. It is responsible for recruiting and supporting local residents who want to be involved as champions and, for sustain the engagement of residents more broadly

The LOG or local oversight group is a steering group or working group that works to identify, plan and make decisions, monitor progress and ensure accountability.

· Are the activities organised by the LOCAL OVERSIGHT GROUP limited to residents in the area?

Public activities are open to anyone but will definitely be organised by and for the neighbourhood.

· Is there an exit strategy for the end of the funding period – what happens?

No, there is not an exit strategy. Given the case each ‘Neighbourhood for Learning’ has to work collectively to plan an exit strategy.

· Can I create my own Terms of Reference?

Yes. A template was developed by one ‘Neighbourhood for Learning’ and can be accessed here. It can be modified to suit the needs of your LOG.

· Can I use my own flyers and promotional materials?

Yes, you can develop your own promotional materials. However, we can provide you with a template for PowerPoints, flyers and posters that you can adapt.

· Do I need to use the CLAHRC NWC and NHS logos on my advertisements?

The National Institute of Health Research, who funds the resilience initiative, requires that we include the logo of the NHS in all our materials. It is up to the LOG if you want to include the logo of the Council.