Knowledge Exchange, Engagement, and Effective Implementation

We will maximise the engagement of and knowledge exchange with stakeholders to drive the programme of research and implementation to effect real step changes in health and care.

We will integrate knowledge exchange through all areas of our work, develop and deliver effective implementation with inbuilt evaluation, and support new projects initiated by our stakeholders.

A key area of our work will be to embed engagement into all activity of the CLAHRC NWC, involving active participation of partners, patients, the public and professional stakeholders such as front-line clinicians and local authority public health officers in processes of co-production and delivery of our programmes, from planning, through design to delivery and implementation. This will ensure that all implied research and implementation activities delivered by CLAHRC NWC are designed to facilitate use by care providers and users.

Partner Priority Programme

If you would like to find out more about our work in the area, please contact the Theme Leader, Professor Mark Gabbay via


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